Instagram vs TikTok

The Platforms with the Highest Engagement.

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From the Influence Dashboard, you can instantly download all your content and track your data — from campaign reach, link clicks, and engagement to your number of posts. Since TikTok and Instagram are the top influencer marketplaces with the highest engagement rates, your heart will skip a beat when you see the numbers!

Instagram vs TikTok

The Queen of Conversion

Instagram remains a key social media platform for influencer marketing, and it has nearly 30 times more nano and micro influencers than TikTok. Since these creators have highly engaged relationships with their audiences, their product recommendations have tremendous value.

  • It has 2.9 billion total visits per month.
  • It’s lower in cost to post than TikTok.
  • 91% of Instagram’s audience is 18+.
  • 60%/40% female/male audience proves a dual-gender appeal.
  • 60% of millennial users publish or watch Instagram Stories.
  • Users spend 50+ minutes in-app per day.
  • It’s easier to track conversions.
  • Instagram and Facebook have additional tools to help you calculate return on investment.
  • Instagram influencers tend to have more engaged relationships with their audience, especially nano- (<10k followers) and micro-influencers (10–50k followers).
  • Instagram reels get 22% more engagement than regular videos because they’re on the explore page where they attract 50% of Instagram users.
  • The screen space for Instagram reels is massive compared to other post types and 8% larger than TikTok’s.

The King of Virality

TikTok moves fast, and its algorithm is geared toward showing viewers new content from creators they are not necessarily following. That enables you to instantly tap into Gen Z and millennial audiences.

  • It has 300 billion monthly video views around the world.
  • 64% of TikTok’s audience is 18+.
  • Provides insights on how younger/trendier audiences relate to your brand.
  • Trends on TikTok define mainstream culture.
  • Users spend 80+ minutes in-app per day.
  • 35%–40% of TikTok users are not on Instagram or Facebook.
  • 60%/40% female/male audience proves a dual-gender appeal.
  • Once again, TikTok was the world’s most downloaded app in 2021.In 2020, it was the #1 and #2 most downloaded app in the United States.
  • Creators range from nano- and micro- to macro-influencers.
  • Enables creators to express their authentic personalities.

What’s Trending on Tiktok:

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Will My Posts Be Shown on Both Instagram and TikTok?

Depending on the type of campaign you choose, you can post on Instagram and TikTok, or Instagram alone. No worries, Instagram is still a top influencer marketing platform and has great results!

Self Service Campaigns: Instagram only

Managed Campaigns: Instagram and TikTok

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