FitPlan boosted awareness of its app through a combination of UGC Instagram Stories and Feed posts.

The Solution:

Heartbeat selected a group of fitness enthusiasts to post both feed posts and stories to deliver a high engagement rate and create a variety of content to be repurposed by the brand. 


The Results:

The addition of IG stories to the campaign resulted in an engagement rate of 9% – over 2x what we guaranteed. FitPlan saw a boost in free trial signups during the campaign, and also used our content to engage with the app’s influencer partners.


Avg. Engagement Rate


Cost Per Egagement


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Ambassador Highlight:

#ad Isn’t it funny how once January hits, the gyms become packed? Everyone who typically goes cheers the new comers on, but also can’t wait for February when there’s a little more breathing room again. It also becomes the month when getting to your gym becomes that much harder because it’s cold and dark basically all of the time. I know that whenever a snow day (or just a super cold day) hits, I dread the idea of leaving my apartment. But, I also know I need to get my workout in. @fitplan_app Has given me a way to work out without ever having to leave my apartment on those days. I can just pick out the workout I want to do and then do it there from the luxury of my own home! It’s also been nice because I can get those quick hit mini classes in when I literally only have 10 minutes and I get to try out new classes that I would have been normally scared to try at a gym. I still love my fitness studio, but this is a great way to mix it up and also get a workout in when I’m traveling. Want to try? Click in the link in my bio to download the Fitplan App for a FREE 7 day trial!


4.06% Engagement |1824 Followers | 74 Likes