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Case Study

Posting Timeline

January 5 – February 19, 2021

Heartbeat activated car owners nationwide to drive awareness to the Fair brand. Ambassadors shared an Instagram story or in-feed video of “what’s in their car” to show how their car reflects their personality and lifestyle.

Campaign Results



Cassie had the highest reach in the campaign. She received many encouraging comments about her video.

Engagement rate



Kylee’s post earned the highest engagement rate in the entire campaign. Her video featured family activities and an adorable baby

Engagement rate


Asia Montgomery


Asia’s post received the highest number of likes in the campaign. Asia’s engagement rate was over 2x the campaign average

Engagement rate


Ambassador Insights

What did you like most about Fair’s services?

  • Helping people find affordable cars, especially during these hard times.
  • If I ever need to lease a car, I will absolutely use Fair!
  • They made it easy for me to learn more about the car leasing process which I found super interesting and useful!
  • Flexibility of being able to use it on a month-to-month basis.

98% of surveyed Ambassadors want to work with Fair again!

92% of surveyed Ambassadors loved the campaign partnership process!

How did your followers respond to your post?

  • Some had not heard of a service like Fair before and liked the convenience of viewing flexible options on the app.
  • Showcasing the personal touches I keep in my car made it feel really ME and not like a typical sponsored video, which my audience loved.
  • A few were confused about what Fair is at first, but my video acted as conversational piece that sparked a lot of interest!

Check out Recent Reviews

Liam James

Great service!

I wish we knew about Fair when I was car shopping a few months ago!

Emma James

Friendly app!!! 

I love that they have an app, that makes it so much easier!

Harry Will

Very informative
This makes me wanna go dig through my car and see what stuff I have laying around!

Key Takeaways

Customer acquisition & ROI

of surveyed Ambassadors are likely to recommend Fair to a friend.

of surveyed Ambassadors were not previously familiar with Fair.

of surveyed Ambassadors are likely to consider using Fair in the future.

of surveyed Ambassadors know at least one person who checked out Fair after their post!

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