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Brands FAQ

How much do I have to pay per post?

When Influencers sign up for Heartbeat, they’re given a set pay rate based on factors including the amount of content required, their number of followers, and their engagement rate. That said, the cost per post varies depending on your campaign needs and the Influencers who are chosen to participate. We find that the mindset of our Influencers is not to make a quick buck, but to authentically engage with brands.

How does Heartbeat handle brand safety?
We have a very comprehensive process to help ensure brand safety, which involves both our people and our technology. This is one of the most common inquiries we get from brands, so our systems are designed to work for some of the most brand-conscious companies in the world.
Can you track sales and conversions?

We can — with your help. Right now, our dashboard tracks reach, engagement rates, clicks, and lots of other metrics, but sales are not fully integrated into it yet. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t drive conversions — we have lots of case studies we can review with you to show that we can. We track sales through the use of promo codes, and if you provide agency-level access to your Google Analytics or other tracking tools, we can do the conversion analysis for you, and optimize your campaigns over time.

Do participants have to use FTC-compliant hashtags like #sponsored?

All campaign Influencers are required to use the hashtags designated by your brand, and our technology ensures that they do, whether it’s #ad, #sponsored, or anything else your legal team prefers. So if it’s not in there, the post will not be approved or part of your campaign.

How do you select Influencers for my campaign?

We use several authenticity gates to ensure the Influencers are genuinely interested in your brand. First, we only reach out to those who meet your broad target criteria. Then they have to apply to signal that they’re genuinely interested in learning more. After they apply, our technology selects only those who best fit the target and who we identify as top performers. We provide very specific instructions on what to post, including a caption and material for creative inspiration, but we like to let Influencers describe your products in their own words.

How does shipping work?

When it comes to shipping, you have a few options. We can provide you with a list of addresses for your selected Influencers, and you can run shipping and fulfillment. For this option, tracking numbers are required, so we can see when the Influencers receive their products. Alternatively, for an additional fee, we can handle the entire shipping and fulfillment process. Another option is to simply work with customers who already have your product. We highly recommend this last option because it helps you engage existing customers and increase brand affinity while keeping shipping costs to a minimum.

Can you activate Influencers in a specific state or region?

Yes! The wider the region the better, but we specialize in helping you work with Influencers where macro-influencers don’t have as much reach. Did you know that we have 1.7k people in Utah, 2.8k in Missouri, 6.7k in Illinois, and 6k in the Northwest?

How long does a campaign take to complete?

A campaign typically takes a month to complete. This is from the time the first post goes live until the last post. We can absolutely work with you to complete a campaign in a shorter or longer time span as long as we have enough notice/details upfront. Keep in mind that this typical month-long campaign doesn’t factor in the time it takes to ship products (if products are involved). There’s a 3–4 week lead time when running a campaign that involves shipping a product. We also have the ability to extend the flight time of a campaign. For example, if you wanted to run the campaign over the course of the summer, we can pace it out accordingly.

How do you protect against fake followers and bots?

We typically don’t run into this issue with our Influencers because they are real everyday people who have on average 2–3k followers. Our system is able to track suspicious activity in spikes of followers, likes, comments, etc.

What are the benefits of using nano-Influencers over micro- and macro-Influencers?

Nano-Influencers have the highest engagement rates across all influencer categories because their audiences are generally comprised of people they have a relationship with. When nano-Influencers recommend a brand or product to their followers on Instagram, they’re making recommendations to their friends, family, coworkers, and other people in their circle. Their opinions and recommendations are more valued because their audience trusts them, and they’re willing to take the conversation offline and continue to represent the brand in real life.

Brand partnerships with nano-Influencers can be seen as more authentic because they’re real people who choose to participate in campaigns with brands they love, whereas many micro- and macro-Influencers’ brand partnerships are more of a business decision.

Nano-Influencer campaigns are more cost-effective than micro- or macro-Ambassador campaigns because they charge a lower fee for creating content and are typically willing to grant usage rights over their content at no cost.

Why work with Heartbeat to execute a TikTok campaign?

We’ve established a partnership directly with TikTok and optimized its relationships with top nano-, micro-, and macro-influencers. This means we’re able to source the Influencers your brand needs to achieve your key performance objectives in a timely, cost-efficient manner, deliver feedback-based creative strategies, and execute your campaign seamlessly with our managed 360 approach and TikTok platform expertise.

What’s different about Heartbeat's approach to TikTok Influencers campaigns?

Our unique approach to TikTok is what makes Heartbeat so attractive to brands like yours:

Influencers focus groups: We engage 12–20 TikTok Influencers to initially share their perception of the brand and why they like it or how it could improve.

Influencers creative concepts: Heartbeat co-develops campaign concepts with the TikTok Influencers community to raise awareness, improve perception, and drive trend-based ideation.

TikTok council research and feedback: You can run potential campaign ideas through our dedicated TikTok council and get immediate feedback and insights to optimize initiatives.

Heartbeat and TikTok partnership: Our direct relationship with TikTok helps ensure your ad dollars deliver in a big way by activating everyone from high-end Influencers to everyday people.

Generate content at scale: You can test lots of creative and retain all content rights to leverage across your own brand channels — and provide a “first-mover opportunity” via Heartbeat.