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Ambassadors will show up in the Sorting Manager once your campaign goes live and people start to apply. This is the page where you will:

  • review ambassadors’ stats (reach, engagement, pay rate, and more) 
  • see a snapshot of his or her Instagram feed
  • determine if the ambassador is right for your brand

You’ll have the option to Approve, Reject, or Backup ambassadors. 

Placing ambassadors in “Backup” allows you to go back and review those ambassadors later, think of it as putting them on ice for a while.

Step 1: Select Your Campaign

Under the Campaigns heading on the left hand menu, click on the [name of your campaign] (i.e. Vibe Headphones). A menu of options will magically dropdown. Click on “Sorting Manager“.

Step 2: View Applications

Looking at the profiles of ambassadors who have applied for your campaign is fun and simple. Your campaign marketing goal should be the primary criteria when sorting ambassadors. Are you focused on Engagement Rate (hint, hint, hint), or are you concerned about the content of an ambassador’s feed? 

However, it’s important to keep a few other things in mind:

Your Budget Estimate

This shows the estimated percent of your budget used by ambassadors who have been put into the approved bucket. Keep in mind, not every ambassador has the same pay scale.

 In the budget tool estimator the black line marks where you filled your budget — the extra is the 15-20% overage we suggest for anyone that falls off or has emergencies come up. 


Sorting & Filtering Categories
At the top of your web page under your budget estimate, click on the Sort by button. A drop-down menu will appear where you can select your sorting preference: date of application, engagement rate, or follower count.

You can also Filter your applicants. Click Show All Filters and filter by Age, Location, # of Instagram Posts, and # of Instagram Followers. 


Ambassador Pay Rates
The pay rate of an ambassador is displayed as Cost Per Post and is represented with dollar signs $ – $$$

$ = an ambassador on the lower end of the pay rate scale.
$$$ = an ambassador on the higher end of the pay rate scale.

Step 3: Approve Ambassadors

Once you’re familiar with how the sorting tool works, go ahead and start sorting people! You can sort ambassadors into one of three categories:

  • Approve: you want this ambassador in your campaign.
  • Reject: you DO NOT want this ambassador in your campaign.
  • Backup: you put this ambassador on hold (neither approved nor rejected).
    This creates a shortlist of ambassadors who could work if you need more. You do not have to reject ambassadors in backup. However, you do need to approve the ones you want in backup for them to be able to join the campaign.


Love how your campaign is performing? Click on the + Add Budget button at the top of the page to keep your campaign rolling! 

That's it! The rest is up to our ambassadors. Sit back and watch the posts roll in. If you have any questions, please reach out to us!

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